My 9 year old son asked, as 9-year olds will, "Who do you think is stronger, an angel, or a super-hero?"

Interesting question. We debated the difference between angels and superhero's over breakfast and narrowed down a pitifully short list that boiled down to fashion choices. We determined that both can fly, although it doesn't necessarily define them. We felt that angels and superheroes worked for the good of others as a pre-requisite and that they were extraordinary. Superhero's however, had pretty nifty outfits, but angels seemed open to don whatever they wanted to, depending on the situation. If you doubt this I'd like to remind of you of Cary Grant in the 1947 classic, The Bishop's Wife

I believe it was Paul Simon who sung about "angels in the architecture" whilst going to Graceland?  If he'd stopped spinning for a moment he may have noticed some walking around quietly on the sidewalk, doing simply noble and majestic everyday good things for people in their everyday lives. Perhaps this is a difference between angels and superheroes? The angels I've met seem to intervene before mortal danger ensues.  Personally speaking, I like that model, as I prefer to shy away from mortal danger.



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